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Staff Generalist

As a social practitioner, you will work in partnership with staff and members in the daily operation of the Clubhouse employment, education, advocacy, and wellness programs. The social practitioner is responsible for engaging members in all activities that keep the community going while achieving recovery goals.

Roles, Responsibilities & Essential Duties:

  • Participate in all aspects of the Clubhouse by providing leadership and direction by working side by side with members

  • Assist in organizing and engaging in the work ordered day and social activities

  • Collaborate with treatment, housing, education & employment providers

  • Assist and oversee the development of transitional employment opportunities for members of the Clubhouse

Qualifications & Requirements:

  • At least 1 year experience working with people with serious mental illness

  • Demonstrates communication, interpersonal and organizational skills

  • Ability to work flexible hours to meet program needs

  • Ability to work a rotating schedule of holidays and weekends

Salary Range: $18-$20/hr

Send resume & cover letter to

Summit County Clubhouse is always in need of volunteers to assist in daily activities and larger projects. Opportunities include:

  • Health & Education: Volunteers who can help us  incorporate wellness into the Clubhouse by sharing your skills in nutrition, exercise, meditation, positive mental health, etc.

  • Marketing: Help us become more visible in the community by sharing with us your marketing/PR skills. 

  • Education:  Many of our members are returning to school whether it’s to get their GED/High School diploma or begin the process of signing up for college.  We are always looking for volunteers willing to help tutor and mentor our members in their educational goals.

  • Gardening/Yard Work: We have a 1.5 acre yard that we maintain and try to improve each season. Green thumbs are welcome to help us learn how to grow produce, plants, weed, and more!

  • Board Membership: We are looking for individuals to join our board who have skills and experience in marketing/PR, employment and networking, advocacy & fundraising.

  • Ambassador Program: Assist with spreading the word of our mission and services. Ambassadors are asked to make a one to two year commitment to help us network, make connections, and increase membership. 


If interested, please click button above to be redirected to our Volunteer sign up form! 


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