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 Summit County Clubhouse Serves adults in Summit & Wasatch Counties who struggle with mental health. We provide opportunities for members to achieve their highest potential through productive work, meaningful relationships & direct support.


The Clubhouse helps members secure information, resources and support as they work toward completing various levels of education, from a high school diploma to a college degree. The Clubhouse helps Members with details such as finding the appropriate school or program, touring campuses, applying to schools, securing financial aid and scholarships, navigating the admissions and enrollment process, finding tutoring and mentors, and securing disability accommodations services.


Employment - Clubhouse members are encouraged to get involved with the work of operating the clubhouse by helping out with various units such as Culinary (planning meals, preparing food, handling inventory), Business (paying the bills, tracking donations, preparing newsletters, typing up house meeting notes) and Facilities (landscaping, vehicle maintenance, building upkeep). These activities help members gain vocational skills, which are transferable to work in the community. For members who are ready for outside employment, Clubhouse provides help with job searches, resumes, interview skills, filling out employment paperwork, understanding benefits, mapping out bus routes, communicating with supervisors, and more.  For those not yet ready for independent work, our Transitional and Supported Employment Programs provide opportunities to move toward independence, with the assurance of Clubhouse support every step of the way. 


At Clubhouse, members and staff work together to ensure each individual is connected with federal, state and local community resources and assistance programs to meet their individual needs.  We rely heavily on community partners to help members meet basic needs such as food, housing and utilities. Where outside resources are not available, the Clubhouse Emergency Fund allows us to respond swiftly so that unexpected financial emergencies don't lead to member relapse, hospitalization, homelessness or suicide.



The Pillars of Summit County Clubhouse

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