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4th of July Parade

The Summit County Clubhouse serves as a supportive, recovery-based community for people living with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, substance use disorder and other mental illnesses.  

Our Mission

 We provide opportunities for adults with mental illness to achieve their highest potential through education, productive work, and meaningful relationships.

With an astounding 1 in 5 adults experiencing mental illness each year nation-wide, the physical, social and financial impact of this common experience can't be overstated.  At Summit County Clubhouse, adults with mental health challenges are not treated as patients and are not defined by a disability label.  Here, our members find opportunities for connection, employment, education, and support in a single caring and safe environment. 

Summit County Clubhouse follows the Clubhouse International model of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, an evidence-based and time-tested program that has developed over more than seventy years.  There are approximately 320 Clubhouses in 32 countries internationally.


6304 Highland Drive  |  Park City, Utah 84098

Phone: (801)930-0277

Fax: (435) 292-8031

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