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This May, Celebrate Mental Health

Summit County Clubhouse joins other mental health organizations in recognizing May as Mental Health Awareness Month. We hope you will join us in taking this opportunity to raise awareness and take action. Together, we can change the world of mental health!

Clubhouse Giving Day

Follow us on social media and visit our Clubhouse Giving Day web page to learn how you can support your favorite Clubhouse and Clubhouse International during the giving period from May 19 through June 1.


Qigong with Layla Ward 

Feeling stressed? Want to try something new? May 27th come to the Clubhouse for a relaxing session of Qigong presented by Wellspring Qigong.

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Member Voices 

Throughout the month of May, we are sharing the voices of members from Clubhouses all over the world who are living with mental illness and demonstrating every day that recovery is possible. Visit our Member Voices web page for these moving testimonies to the power of Clubhouses in helping people recover from mental illness.

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Did you know lime green is the color the represents Mental Health Awareness? 

Throughout the month of May, we are challenging you to be more aware of mental wellness and take time each day to practice mindfulness!

If you're in Summit County, be on the lookout for limes in the community!


  • Use your phone to scan the QR code on the lime.

  • Add your information and take our Mindfulness Moments pledge.

  • Enter to win a prize!


If you are not in Summit County and still want to take the pledge, no problem! Click the button below to be taken right to it, no limes necessary. 

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